To Build, or not to Build it Yourself: Digital Marketing

As a small business owner you wear a lot of hats. Salesperson, accountant, delivery, marketing and possibly even a janitor form time to time. Lets face it, the term “Small Business” also means few or no employees. So when you’re faced with implementing your businesses digital strategy you’re faced with a choice. Build it yourself or hire someone to do it. Of course you can choose not to do anything, but I don’t think you’d be here if that was and option.

The answer to that question is never easy. There’s the issue of cost, the issue of time and the issue or quality. And as the head honcho only you can make those hard decisions.

Over the years I heard this principle a few times and it might help you make this and many other decisions. But I must warn you. This will help you if you are brutally honest and practical. In other word you can have everything… unless you’re willing to pay for it.

Digital MarketingThe GOOD FAST CHEAP Principle:

I’m not really sure what this principle is actually called. One article I read called it the “Iron Triangle of Product Development” or the “Triple Constraint”. I like the symbolism that this principle is cast in iron, or fixed and therefore can’t be ignored or bypassed. Another 3 words that are also used to illustrate this principle are Cost, Quality and Time.
Here’s how it works. When ever you develop something, it could be a product, a website, software or even building furniture, you have one of 3 goals. You want that product to be Good, Fast or Cheap. But here’s the principle of the constraint, you can only use 2 of the 3 at a time.

For example when you ask someone what kind of product they want to put out 99% will say a GOOD, FAST, CHEAP product. But the reality of the world that I live in says that in order to get a GOOD/QUALITY product you need either TIME or Money. Or is you want it FAST and CHEAP, you will have to sacrifice QUALITY or GOOD. So in reality you are always picking 2.


If it were possible to get a GOOD, CHEAP, product FAST, I would say your probably about to get scammed.

So back to “To Build or not to Build” your digital marketing strategy. The answer depends on how you want to go about implementing your digital plan.

CHEAP+GOOD? Then I say you and go ahead and learn about digital marketing. Google offers free courses on SEM (search engine marketing). They’re really good, I even took a few myself. You can also buy a book on digital marketing like Digital Marketers Sound Off for a few dollars from Amazon. Or watch a ton of videos on YouTube on building websites. Depending on your digital aptitude you can get pretty efficient in just a few months. But remember, digital marketing is not a one and done. This will have to become part of your daily or at least weekly job description. Remember CHEAP+GOOD=TIME

FAST+CHEAP? I would say if this is what you need or want at this time then you can use a free web builder site like WordPress or Wix. You can choose your template, generate some content, and put the word out in no time. And this might actually work depending on what your site does. But you will have limitations, and less control. Free means no customer name domain, and limited customization. And if you do need to move your site, you will have to start over again. FAST+CHEAP= (POOR) QUALITY

GOOD+FAST? This is possible if you farm out the work or hire to someone who understands digital marketing and is will use his or her skills, knowledge and experience to help you execute your marketing plan. Even if you have the skills, is this really the best use of your time. You expertise may be better spent in areas that only you can do CEO or head of your company.

If you’re still not certain contact us, and we can help you figure out which way is best for you. — CP