Using Social Media to Share Your Website Blog

Jul 26, 2018Digital Marketing, WordPress

How to use Social Media to promote your Small Business website content, and create traffic, while boosting your SEO.

Glossary Terms:
Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and others
SEO – Search Engine Optimization: The structures in your website that search engines like Google use to promote your site.
Referral Traffic – The traffic data that Google tracks referred from social media.
Analytics – Website Data collected by Google to help you analyze website traffic, search patterns, demographics and much more.
URL- Uniform Resource Locator or basically the specific address each page and post in your website at the top of your browser. It looks like this…our-website-blog/ ‎ this is the URL of this page.


Getting started

Ok you have your site up and you’re starting to add content and or blogs posts. This may be articles, events or new product reviews, basically content on your site. If you’re writing good content, and if you’re providing the answers to the questions your client are asking, then your site should naturally get promoted. The keys are simple, produce helpful content and produce it often. This is called SEO, you can read the article called SEO – Understanding the Basics to learn more about SEO.


Why use Social Media to Promote Your Website Content

Unfortunately we sometimes look at social media as a way to bypass the process of building good content. The lure of hitting the masses with a tweet, and generating a ton of traffic to your site sounds logical. But in reality the same rules apply when suing social media to promote your site.

So why use it? You may not get the masses but you can widen the touch points of your content. And you can create a path back to your site where views may see other helpful information and increase your sites SEO ranking. Think of Social media as a flyer to get people to come to your store. Once they get there, and if you have great content, they realize there’s so many other things that I need here.


How to Actually use Social Media to Promote Your Website Content

URL to Social mediaMake it Simple: I like things simple, so I really like the idea of create once, and post to multiple sources. So I recommend you create your post, event, or announcement on your website first. Again, remember SEO likes new content. Once your content is done just paste the URL of the page into you social media post. I shared this post on Twitter just by posting the url in my Twitter post, that’s it. I made a quick video called How to Post Your Content on Social Media to get visual example.

This technique does 2 things.

1. It makes life simple. Create once and post to other sources!

2. When you post to social media this way, people who click on the post get magically transported away to your website. Creating traffic and allowing them to see the other awesome blogs and content you have.



Share your website posts, but do not share about your website posts:

You can share your home page or services page or any post or article you wrote. One of the mistakes I see people make is to create the post on social media first, and then place a link to a landing page of your website.

A social media post might look like this: Come join us on Tuesday for fun and prizes. Doors open at 10:00 am. Blah blah blah – blah blah – blah blah – blah blah – blah blah – blah blah – blah blah – blah blah. Click here for more information

Social media share

This still works a little but there are 2 things that make this approach unreliable.

1. They may not click on the link. They can click on the post to read it, but if your link is just a part of the text, they have the option to click ,or not to click. Conversely sharing a post on your web site as described before, means that when they click on the social media post to read it, they are taken to the website.

The other problem with posting a general link to you home page is your analytics data is non specific. It doesn’t know which social media post created that referral? So think 1 to 1. 1 post on your website, shared on your social media. The post is now connected at both ends. Now when Google collects the data, you know exactly which social media post generated the referral. And more importantly which posts are getting more interest.

*Even better some browsers like Safari have built-in share buttons and others can be added via extensions. If your browser can share via a button you don’t have to copy URLs. Just go to the page you want to share and hit the button. Just make sure you’re logged into your social media accounts and you can share a post from your website in seconds.

My Final Thoughts

Social Media is a great tool to share content, and this is just a small sample of what you can do with it. Just remember that if your website is where you want potential customer to end up, then you can use social media to get people there.